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2007년 2월 24일 헤드라인 뉴스  
Mohamed ElBaradei (file picture)
The head of the UN nuclear agency says North Korea has invited him for talks on its nuclear programme.

Thousands turn out in the Afghan capital Kabul to voice support for a controversial proposed war crimes amnesty.
US Vice-President Dick Cheney voices concern at China's growing military power, on a visit to Australia.
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BBC 뉴스 토픽 BBC 뉴스 2-24/ 북한이 유엔의 핵사찰 기구 IAEA 수장 모하메드 엘바라데이 초청
시사해설 및 칼럼   북한이 놓은 덫에 걸려들려 하는 반기문

   어제(2007년 2월 23일) 북한이 유엔의 핵사찰 기구 IAEA 수장 모하메드 엘바라데이(Mohamed Elbaradei)씨를 북한에 초청하면서 다시 IAEA 회원국이 되어 좋은 관계를 맺고 싶다고 말했으며, 엘바라데이씨는 그 말을 반기문 유엔 사무총장에게 전했다고 한다.

한국인의 혈통을 가진 두 사기꾼 김대중과 김정일은 정말 세계를 속이는 재주가 대단한 듯하다. 김정일이 그토록 여러번 국제사회를 속였는데도, 이번에도 또 속는 듯하다. 유엔 사무총장으로서의 실적에 목마른 반기문은 귀가 번쩍 뜨인 듯하다.

그러나 이것이 반가운 소식인가? 김대중이 2000년 순천공항에서 김정일과 악수하였을 때 우리는 반가운 소식인 줄 알았다. 그런데, 김대중이 실적을 내세워 노벨 평화상 수상할 수 있게 해준 그 악수값이 8억 달러 플러스 알파였다. 분명 이번에도 김정일의 꼼수는 반기문에게 실적 내세울 댓가로 유엔에서 대북 퍼주기를 하라는 것일 것이다.

문제는 그것이 총알이 되어 한국에 돌아온다는 사실이다. 노무현이 지금 북한의 남침 계획을 돕고 있다. 평화협정은 북한에서 볼 때는 남침 초대장이다. 북한에서는 한국을 주권국가로 인정해 주지 않는다. 따라서, 그들에게 남침은 내전이 된다. 평화협정은 매국노 노무현이 우리 영토 절반을 김일성 왕조에 떼주는 것일뿐 오히려 평화를 위협한다.

평화협정을 맺으면 국제사회가 북한을 국가로 인정해 주어야 한다. 따라서, 괴뢰집단이 합법적 국가 대우를 받게 되면 그들에게 남침은 더욱 정당화된다. 더구나 북한이 남한의 외교권이나 주권을 전혀 인정하지 않는 상황에서 평화협정은 우리 영토를 도적에게 절반 떼주는 것외에 전혀 평화에 도움이 되지 않고 북한의 남침 가능성만 높아지게 된다.

이렇게 북한이 한반도 적화통일 음모를 꾸준히 진행하고 있을 때 노무현은 앞장서서 김정일에게 충성하며 대북 퍼주기를 하고 있으며, 군자금이 더 필요한 북한이 반기문에게 신호를 보내고 있다. 황장엽씨 말대로라면 영변핵시설은 이미 10년 전에 고물이요, 진짜 핵시설은 따로 있다고 하는데, 영변 핵 사찰 허용 댓가를 바라며 북한이 놓은 덫에 반기문은 걸려들고 말 것인가?

>>> Now, the head of the U.N. Nuclear agency Mr. Mohamed Elbaradei is going to North Korea for talks on implementing on agreement to freeze nuclear facilities. At a news conference, to General Ban Ki-moon Mr. Elbaradei said north Korea told him it wanted to establish a working relationship with the agency and it hoped to become a member again.

>>> The United States has rejected an international call to ban the use of cluster bombs saying that they have a place in armed conflicts as long as countries follow proper rules of engagement. Earlier a declaration calling for a treaty to ban such weapons by next year.

>> A court has dropped charges against eight south Africans charged with planning a coup. Accused of leading the aborted attempt in 2004. Lawyers argued that South Africa had tacitly backed the plan which the country denies. 45DF9DE1.JPG

>> Let's go to Alastair in London.

>> It is potentially embarrassing and explosive. American troops first detained and then released the son of Iraq's most power full Shiite politician. He was held as he returned to the country from Iran.

>>> I'm sorry about the arrest. We don't know the circumstances for the arrest, and we are investigating, and we -- we do not mean any disrespect to him or to his family, but he is being released, and we will investigate the circumstances.

>> Meanwhile, an inquiry is underway into a fierce gun battle in Ramadi between U.S.. Military and insurgents to see weather civilians including two children were killed. The fighting ended with U.S. Air strikes destroying several buildings. 45DF9E24.JPG

>> Pakistan has tested a ballistic missile with a range of 2,000 kilometres and capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The  test was described as an important mile stone in Pakistan's quest to maintain a strategic balance.

>> A fire has killed at least 26 people. The blaze swept through the home in western Latvia in the early hours of the morning. Firemen rescuesed about 60 people before the roof collapsed.

>> Police m Estonia have broken up -- the side of a controversial war monument. Russia says the statue is a memorial for those who fought fascism in the second word war, but to many it is a reminder of soviet occupation.

>> Olympic committee have completed their visit to the Russian city. They have been there to assess the bid of the 2014 winter games. 45DF9E64.JPG

>> Reporter: Russia has an impressive record in the winter Olympics, but the chance to host the games is a prize which has never been theirs. That may change. Officials from the international Olympic committee have been here to have a look. This might not seem like the obvious choice. It is the warmest city in a famously cold country. The bid to host the 2014 games stretches the attractive location, a sea side resort within easy reach of snow-covered mountains. President Putin was on the slopes earlier this week to show his support. That personal pledge seems to have been a factor which impressed the visitors. But the news conference they warned of other things which might not count in their favour. 45DF9E9A.JPG

>> There are so many -- to be built in the future, and should you get the games here, you have only seven years to go, and so a time factor could be rather pressing and to coordinate all of this work may be a challenge.

>> Reporter: They are looking to the winter Olympics to regenerate the entire region that is styling itself the Russian Riviera. Now the city will have to wait until the summer to find out whether this is a winning combination. Bbc news.

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