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2007년 2월 6일 헤드라인 뉴스  
Jakarta residents struggle through floodwaters
Indonesia fears disease could take hold in the severely flooded capital Jakarta, where 29 people have already died.

Italy's football stadiums will not re-open to fans until safety standards are met, the interior minister says.
The head of Hyundai Motor Company, Chung Mong-koo, is sentenced to three years in jail for embezzlement.
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BBC 뉴스 토픽 BBC 뉴스 2-6/ 자카르타 홍수로 인도네시아에 전염병 공포
시사해설 및 칼럼   서울판 자카르타 홍수 막은 전두환의 평화의 댐

   2월 6일자 BBC 뉴스는 자카르타 홍수로 인도네시아에 전염병 공포가 확산되고 있다는 소식을 전한다.  말 그대로 일국의 수도 절반이 물 아래 있다.  수도 절반이 물 아래 있으며 전기 공급도 안되고 식수도 없다.  설상 가상으로 이미 말라리아 등 수인성 전염병이 퍼지고 있어 수재민들이 공포감에 사로잡혀 있다.  분노한 시민들이 수도의 홍수조차 막지 못하는 무능한 정부를 원망하고 있다.

    사실, 전두환 대통령의 평화의 댐이 아니었더라면 한국의 수도 서울 역시 진작에 그꼴 날뻔하였다.  북한이 1990년대 이후로는 서울을 불바다로 만들겠다고 위협하지만 1980년대에 서울을 물바다로 만들 공사를 금강산에서 벌이고 있었으며, 그것을 막기 위한 것이 평화의 댐이었다.  그런데, 공사를 해놓고 보니 홍수가 났을 때는 강물이 서울을 향해 하류로 더 이상 흘러가지 않도록 막는 기능이 있었다.

    대부분의 후진국처럼 지금 인도네시아의 문제는 치수를 못하는 문제이다.  농업국이 치수를 못한다.  만약 평화의 댐이 없어 서울이 지금 자카르타가 겪는 물난리를 겪는다고 생각해 보라.  그것은 자카르타의 물난리는 비교도 안되는 아비규환이 될 것임을 의미한다.  서울에는 고층 건물과 고층 아파트들이 많아 그런 대홍수에 취약하다.  그런 엄청난 수마가 지나가면 서울은 고층건물들의 붕괴로 원시 시대로 돌아간다.

    안보에 구멍이 뚫리게 하는 노무현 독재자와 달리 전두환 전 대통령의 그런 안보 전략이 북한의 수공을 예방함은 물론 지금처럼 기상 이변 시대의 대홍수로부터 서울을 지켜내고 있는 것이다.  이토록 서울 시민은 평화의 댐 덕택으로 생명과 재산을 지키고 있음에도 한국인은 정말 이상할 정도로 평화의 댐 순기능 치하하기에 인색하며 심지어 그의 고향 사람들이 고향 공원 이름에 그의 호를 붙이는 것마저 반대하는 이상한 이들이 있다.

Indonesia's capital underwater. Hundreds of thousands are homeless. Youngsters with no childhood. How to give former childhood soldiers a future. And the Iraqi people protecting their children in the face of violence. This is bbc world in Washington. I'm Kathy Kay. 45C7D33F.JPG

>> I'm mike Embley in London. Also in the programme, a police officer murdered at a football game. The club warns to improve security or empty stadiums. And exclusive tour of Britain's new supermicroscope.

>> Almost 30 people are known to have died and hundreds of thousands homeless after days of torrential rain in Indonesia. Houses and thousands have sought treatment for disease. Our world affair is correspondent has a report.

>> So used to floods here but nothing like this.  Half of Indonesia's capital is under water as  days of torrential rain triggered a disaster. The slums near rivers are affected every year but this time rich and poor are suffering. Huge areas have no electricity or clean drinking water. Families are increasingly angry at the lack of the government strategy to prevent the flood problem. This woman said she had been in this situation many times before but this was much worse. The lurking fear is of diseases,   malaria and typhoid are a real threat where there is no clean water. This government doctor says that she is treating people with infection from living near dirt water. This is a city virtually paralyzed. Some are suggesting the capital should be relocated to higher ground. But for now, Jakarta citizens are bought thing in are bat thing in down the -- are battening down the hachts. 45C7D3DC.JPG

>> It was standing room only at the cathedral. The coffin of a 38-year-old police officer carried in by his colleagues. Some struggling to control their emotions. The sense of outrages at what has happened here evidenced by the thousands of fans who stood by "the cathedral to pay their respects. There were some who tried to help the roffe to escape but he was cornered.  His 15 years old daughter Cattiana paid her tribute.

>> Dad, i lost the will to live. Without you, there is no reason to live. You were the very best father.


>> A new watershed in the Iraqi capital. A truck bomb at Baghdad market killed 130 people and wounded 300. Here is one man's story in Baghdad trying toe keep his true identity a secret. When he came in to speak to us, he described how almost everyone those who are supposed to protect them.  

>> Protect our area produce from police, military army militias

now comes the new security joined in Baghdad trying to build trust in the Iraqi security forces.

>> Do you think it will work?

>> I don't think so.

>> If that doesn't work, what could bring piece to an area like yours?

>> I believe it should be free begin from occupation forces and we need a real government. 45C7D76B.JPG

>> Baghdad is increasingly dividing on sectarian lines.

>> In these circumstances, this is a place where  young family like yours can live?

>> This is my home and my city but in this situation, this situation, I don't like to stay here.

>> One Iraqi's story it may be but his thoughts ever probably the thoughts of many as the bombers and death squads continue their work. Stress of daily life in Baghdad. Stay with us. Still to come, the super recycling centre in Berlin that is hungry for your rubbish.

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