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2007년 3월 27일 헤드라인 뉴스  
David Hicks - file photo
Australian David Hicks, the first Guantanamo terror suspect to face a new trial system, is charged.

Japan's PM Shinzo Abe apologises over WWII sex slaves, after earlier raising doubts they were forced.
The wife of ousted Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra is charged with tax evasion in a court in Bangkok.
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   라이스 콘돌레자 미 국무장관이 이스라엘과 팔레스타인간의 평화협정을 중재하는 장면을 무심코 바라보는 이들이 많을 것이다.  그러나, 만약 그녀가 한반도 문제도 같은 묷음으로 본다면 북한에 속을 가능성이 있다.  반공은 우리에게 문제이지 미국에 문제가 아니다,  더 이상 미국에 공산주의 적국은 존재하지 않는다.  북한 역시 공산주의보다는 주체사상이 농후한 나라이다.

   그럼에도, 한반도 평화협정은 적화통일의 길을 터는 것이요, 그것은 김정일 왕조와 김대중의 연방제 적화통일 야욕대로 되어가는 것이다.  그러기에 우리는 한반도 문제는 중동 문제와 다르며, 대한민국 국민은 김일성-김정일 왕조가 지배하는 적화통일을 평화로 여기지 않을 것이라는 사실을 알려야 한다.

>> The American secretary of state, Condoleezza rice, says that Israeli and Palestinian leaders have agreed a pat of cooperation to create two states living side by side in peace and security. She announced the Palestinian president, bass bats bass, along with Israel's prime minister, Ehud Olmert, will hold meetings every two weeks with discussions focusing initially on security issues.

>> The parties will also begin to discuss the development of a political horizon, consistent with the establishment of a Palestinian state in accordance with the road map. As have noted before, we're not yet at final status negotiations. These are initial discussions to build confidence between the parties. Palestinians must know that their state will be viable. Israelis must know that a future state of Palestine will be a source of security, not a threat to it. Both sides must have confidence that economic and trade relations between them will promote the welfare of their population. The efforts in which they engage will help to build confidence and therefore ease the path to negotiations to establish two states living side by side in peace and security. 46090998.JPG

>> Well, to Gaza, and it's been more than two weeks now since the bbc's correspondent there Alan Johnston went missing. It's believed he was kidnapped. On Monday international journalists joined bbc employees around the world to mark the moment he was last seen and to call once again for his safe return. Tanya's here. Now yukos was a name we've got to equate with huge success of the ole gar.

>> Now brurption, of course.

-- Now bankrupt, of course. This will unravel over next few months and people will be interested to see what assets will end up in Russian state hands. Assets of yukos are being sold off at auction on Tuesday. The first deal has been struck, and it puts more ownership of Russia's oil sector back into state hands. The state auctioned off yukos facilities at the end of 2004. It's now owned by the government. Yukos was once the biggest oil no pro-deucer in Russia. The company was driven into bankruptcy after the imprisonment of its head. Hu jintao and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, talk business today. President Hu arrived in Moscow amid great fanfare on Monday. Trade between the two ct sharply last year. Russia is a major energy producer, China a major consumer. So the two have much to discuss. And we'll be keeping you up to date with those talks as they progress. 460909FA.JPG

>> On the, yeah thanks very much indeed. Stay with us here on bbc world. Still to come, we are with the U.N. on patrol in Lebanon. Fall eight months now after the war.

-- A full eight months now after the war. Did you ever see the film "midnight express"? Well, Turkish prisons have been associated with torture ever since then, for decades, but turkey is working to change that reputation.

>> It is a far cry from "midnight express," the film that portrayed horrific conditions in a Turkish jail. And this newly revamped real-life prison, inmates are busy now, the time one of two facilities overhauled with funds from the e.U., This prison is part of a project to modernise and reform the system here. Staff have been trained, too, in international standards of conduct. 46090A3A.JPG

>> Turkish prisons do Mott have a very, very good reputation sometimes, but what I can say is that aftorked on that project, I can say that a lot is being achieved.

>> Human rights groups agree this project is a success. They now want turkey to turn its attention to conditions in high-security jails. This left-wing lawyer was on hunger strike for almost ten months to protest against conditions there. Almost 70 activists like him have starved themselves to death demanding an end to what they call an end to the damaging isolation of inmates. Prison officials argue it's for security. European consultants say prisoners spend too little time outside their selves, but staff claim discipline their problems have already dropped since the revamp. There are more of 300 prisoning a revamp here. Only then will turkey finally throw off its "midnight express" image for good. Sarah rainsford, bbc news. 46090A88.JPG

>> This is bbc world. Let me remind you of the main news. Australia's only Guantanamo bay detainee, that's David Hicks, pleads guilty to supporting terrorism at a U.S. Military tribunal. Burma's military leaders give us a rare glimpse of their new capital, naypyidaw. Now, in just under an hour's time, a service will be held at Westminster abbey in London to mark the 200th ab -- anniversary to abolish the trafficking of slaves. It will include a sermon by the head of the church of England, archbishop of Canterbury, which benefitted from slavery. Ghana was a major port for the slave trade. We're at cape coast on the west coast of Ghana and joins us now. If ever you needed a reminder, you've got it there, haven't you?

>> This is a very stark reminder of the horrors of the slave trade in the 1700s at the height of the slave trade, many, many Ghanaians were brought through this castle. This was really the headquarters of the British side of the slave trade. There are dungeons below me. I had a walk around one of them. Very, very dark. Hardly any lighted coming in at all. Up to 1,500 slaves would be kept in these dark dub johns at any one time and kept perhaps for weeks or months. They were taking out through what's known as the door of nolarwn a tunnel and taken out to the large slave ships which were moored off the coast here. To even get to this slave port, the your any was sometimes weeks or months of walking and some report that as many as half the shaves captured inland died on the way even reaching here. 46090AF5.JPG

>> A brutal trade certainly. A lot of talk about the need for apologies, for reparations, as well, and the church of England has to deal with that is. That something being pursued from Ghana?

>> Not on any great level, no. There has been some call for reparation, but really the Ghanaian view is it's 200 years later. We'd like help with trade and human resources to build the country, but the apology has been welcomed, the apologies that have come. The people are not hankering for this full apology which has caused controversy elsewhere in the world. Ghanaians are looking to move only.

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