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2007년 7월 31일 헤드라인 뉴스  
TV screen showing Shim Sung-Min at a railway station in Seoul - 31/07/07
A second South Korean hostage has been killed by the Taleban in central Afghanistan, Seoul confirms.

Judges at a UN-backed Khmer Rouge tribunal in Cambodia call in their first suspect for questioning.
Japan's PM Shinzo Abe calls a US resolution urging Tokyo to apologise over the use of sex slaves "regrettable".
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>> Relatives of the South Korean hostages being held by the Taliban in Afghanistan have appealed to the US for the rescue of he remaining 21 Christian charity workers. It comes after Afghanistan police have discovered the second body. The group have asked for the release of eight Taliban fighters in return for the release of the hostages, the second to be killed in less than a week. He reed been shot a number of of them women, the stakes have been raised by the Taliban. This insurgent video released in the last 24 hours is said to show some of those kidnapped almost two weeks ago. it's thought by bandits as they travelled along a dangerous stretch of road. A Taliban spokesman announced the latest killing. After days of negotiation and talks with the government, the Kabul administration and the Korean government didn't listen to our repeated demands and didn't give us any answers. Our mujahideen killed one of male hostages at 6:30 this evening. He was killed near arizo in ghazni. His body is there. 46AF32F5.JPGThere is the possibility of risk to lives of theemf the Korean government do not meet our demands.

>> The news quickly reached south Korea. For the families of hose who came to Afghanistan to carry out aid work and ended up with human bargaining.

up asmaeicr shocked the country which has a small number of troops in Afghanistan.

>> ( Translated ): I have mixed feelings. I feel very sad by the fact that our people who went abroad to help were killed and my government is incompetent.

>> ( Translated ): I hope our government will solve the problems promptly so will there be no more victims.

(제작 시간 여건 때문에 자막에 간혹 오타가 있음.)

Pray for the safety of Korean Christian hostages in Afghanistan

This photo was taken at a Korean airport right before their departure to Afghanistan.

A second South Korean hostage has been killed by the Taleban in central Afghanistan.  His name is Shim, Seong-min, a 29 years of old young man devoted to serve the underprivileged. 

Prayer concern on July 31:  Two Korean women hostages are so sick that they are at the point of death.  They need healing and hope.  Their families in Korea need comforts.  May faith vindicate victory. 


아프가니스탄 중부 지방에서 두번째 한국인 인질에 탈레반에게 살해되었다.  피살된 한국인 성명은 심성민으로, 그는 봉사 정신이 유달리 강한 29세의 청년이었다.   

피랍 한국인들을 위한 7월 31일 기도 제목:  두 명의 여성 인질은 건강 악화로 생명이 위독하다고 한다.  이분들에게 치유와 소망이 필요하다.  한국에 있는 이분들의 가족에게는 위로가 필요하다.  믿음의 승리를 기원합니다.



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