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2007년 8월 3일 헤드라인 뉴스  
Undated photo of Zheng Xiaoyu, China's former head of the food and drug watchdog who was executed for corruption
Almost 1,800 officials confessed to corruption in June, a Chinese Communist Party watchdog says.

A scientist who faked his research may have made a groundbreaking advance - without realising it.
North Korea denounces planned joint military exercises between South Korea and the US as a "provocation".
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BBC 뉴스 토픽 BBC 뉴스 8-3/ 한국인 인질 돕고 싶어하는 아프카니스탄 의사들
시사해설 및 칼럼   피납 동포들을 위한 기도 제목

아픈 한국인 인질 보살피러 가는 아프칸 의료진에 대한 BBC 뉴스 대본 

We'll get more on that story now as the Taliban are prepared to hold face-to-face talks with South Korean officials to discuss the fate of those 21 South Koreans held by the group in Afghanistan. The standoff stretches into what is it third week now, the South Korean government says there is still a limit to what it can do to resolve the crisis.

>> For the relatives of sun minious it is already too late. These South Koreans want the United States to do more to help. The politicians, too, are pinning their hopes on the united states to end the crisis.

>> ( Translated ): We had sincere and frank discussions. In conclusion, the Korean peoples' worries and concerned were relayed through us to under secretary burns. In addition he wished the safe return of the hostages. The United States is doing all they can.

>> The Taliban have already killed two hostages. These doctors in Afghanistan fear for the health of the remaining 19 and are setting out the deliver help.

>> ( Translated ): As an afghan doctor, I would like to go there to treat the Korean hostages who are under Taliban detention and who have not received any medicine yet. I want to rescue them because they are in very poor health. 46B32B38.JPG

>> The Taliban say that two women among the hostages are very ill. As these doctors set off from Kabul, no one knows if they will healthbeat allowed access to the Koreans. The prospect of directional negotations could be the only hope the hostages have.

>> One of the two men detained in connection with failed car bomb attack on glasgow airport has died. He had been undergoing treatment for 90% burns after a fuel-laden car was driven into the terminal buildi B. Burning vehiclE. The suspected bomber from bangalore in india suffered 90% burns and was given little chance of survive. For five weeks he'd been kept under armed guard if hospital, but he never regained consciousness and died last night. A second man arrested at the airport, iraqi doctor abdullah has been charged with conspiracy to cause explosions. The dead man's brother, sabil ahmed has been charged with failing to disclose information that could have helped police detain a terror suec kafil ahmed was an engineer, the only one of the suspects who did not appear to have direct links to the N.H.S. He's believed to have studied belfastef moving to scotland a few weeks before the attack. Anna thomas, bbc news.

(제작 시간 여건 때문에 자막에 간혹 오타가 있음.)

  Pray for the safety of Korean Christian hostages in Afghanistan

This photo was taken at a Korean airport right before their departure to Afghanistan.

The two Korean women hostages are now very sick and their weak health condition is even more critical because the weather and food are not right for them.  Even Afghan doctors have not been allowed to visit them.

Prayer concern on August 3:  Weak humanity in worst condition is in groaning with pain.  Where the governments can do little thing, one must believe in the power of prayer.  May the Lord bring a helping hand to them. 


두 명의 한국인 여성 피납자들이 지금 건강이 매우 나빠 위독하며, 기후와 음식이 맞지 않기 때문에 더욱이나 심하다.  몇 명의 아프카니스탄 의사들이 한국인 피납자들을 방문하여 치료해 주고 싶어하지만 탈레반이 이것마저 허용하지 않고 있다.

피랍 한국인들을 위한 8월 3일 기도 제목:  연약한 인간성은 최악의 상황에서 고통으로 신음하고 있다.  한국 정부도 속수 무책이요, 미국 정부도 선택의 폭이 좁은 때 우리는 기도의 능력을 믿어야 한다.  도움이 절실히 필요한 자들에게 주님의 은총이 임하시기를.



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