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2007년 9월 6일 헤드라인 뉴스  
Luciano Pavarotti
One of the world's greatest singers, Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti, dies aged 71 after a battle with cancer.

Germany hunts some 10 people believed to have helped three men held over an alleged anti-US bomb plot.
A huge collision in space 160 million years ago set the dinosaurs on the path to extinction, a study claims.
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>> Thanks for joining us. Flamboyant, a true artist, no tenor will ever come close, some of the tributes which have poured in from around the world for Luciano Pavarotti, one of the world's best-loved opera singers. He's died at the age of 71 after fighting pancreatic cancer for more than a year. His singing career lasted more than five decades. In that time he brought in new audiences with his performances of the three tenors and his performance of necessary Sunni dorma for the world cup. 46DFFA50.JPG

>> There may have been three tenors, there was only one Luciano Pavarotti.

>> He was born in northern Italy, the son of a baker and a keen footballer as a youth. He made his professional debut at the local opera house in 1961. In his prime in the 1970s, he enraptured audiences with the beauty, the clarity and the delicacy of his voice, as well as it's sheer power. He couldn't act, but who cared when he could sing like this. His enthusiasms were typically Italian -- food, football and his family, including his wife and three daughters. But there with more offstage dalliances, as well. Eventually he left his wife age, scandalizing many. A divorce settlement revealed he owed £3 million in unpaid taxes. By then he was a super and celebrity friends gathered each year in modena for a c retired, critics said his voice was past his best. Audiences didn't care. In his last performance at new York's metropolitan opera, they gave him an 11-minute ovation. His fame, fuelled by a personal as overwhelming as his frame,ho when in 1990 he sang "nessu "nessum dorma" in Italy at the world cup, he went from opera star to superstar. 46DFFB22.JPG

>> They that hits you every time, doesn't it? We'll have more on Pavarotti the man later in the program. I hope you'll stay with us for that. Let's catch up on some other stories now. At least 14 people have been killed in an American air attack in Baghdad. Police said at least nine were wound in the attack which, as you can see, caused considerable damage, left several houses destroyed. This is in the mansour district of Baghdad. Residents said they heard explosions around 3:00 am. That went on for something close to an hour. German security officials are searching for ten men they believe provided support for a foiled plot to attack U.S.. Installations in the country. Three men were taken into custody on Wednesday. They're accused of planning a massive bombing campaign. The military government in Fiji has reimposed the state of emergency three months after the previous one was lifted. The military leader frank bainimarama. Said the measured had been in place because people were trying to destabilise the country. President bush said talks with chinese counterpart hu jintao were honest and friendlY. The two men met in australia on the sidelines of the asia pacific summit in sydneY. Among a range of issues, the two men talked about climate change and increasing trade ties. Mr. Bush says he's also raised concerns about religious freedom 46DFFB76.JPGin china and recent recalls of dozens of chinese-made products. Hu jintao earlier told a news conference his country was ready to make steps to take -- take steps to make sure his country meets standards. Nick bryant is in sydney.

>> He mounted a robust defence that came in response from a question from a chinese reporter. I think that's significant. And his comments seemed to be very well prepared. He did seem to want to use this platform. He cited evidence that suggested 99% of food exports from china were up to international standards. If they. Were in mesh, the european union and japan. He says they've done a lot to tighten up the regulatory and legal framework governing chinese companies. He said if they fell short of them, they would be accountable to chinese law. He also indicated that china would be prepared to cooperate with the international community to try and raise its standards. 46DFFBB5.JPG

>> Well, another man on the way to that summit is the russian president, vladimir putin. En route he stopped off in jakarta where he has signed quite a deal. He's lending the indonesians $1 billion to buy russian arms to build helicopters, tanks and submarines. Our correspondent in jakarta saw that agreement being signeD.

>> It's really the centrepiece of this visit by the russian president, and as you say, some quite key equipment, attack hpsers, passenger helicopters, amphibious tanks, subpa rwandas all going -- submarines all going to be coming indonesia's way. It feeds it very badly. Indonesia's own arsenal has been crumbleling, partly because of sanctions but the united states and other western countries over the actions of indonesia in east timor, but also because it hasn't had the funds to buy equipment. Russian equipment is cheaper than that made in america, but they're also getting a big loan to do it. 46DFFBEF.JPG

>> Of course, in terms of political, strategic terms, it is the russians moving in on that market.

>> Absolutely, yes. Politically i think very important for both sides here. The influence of the west in indonesia has really grown in the last few years. Western companies are already very ensconced in lucrative areas like mining and energy here in indonesia. They're also politically very close as well at the moment, partly because of the counter-terrorism cooperation we've seen between knee that and western countries following attacks. So it's a willingness on both sides to counter some of that influence from elwhere.

>> We'll fly you right back around to the other side of the world. Jamie, the european central bank has been intervening? 46DFFC22.JPG

>> Yes. The two banks meet to decide on interest rates. Fears persisting about a global credit crerch. The e.C.B. Has offered to lend extra money to banks to try to bring down the cost of credit. On wednesday the bank of england for the first time did the samE. Back in august the E.C.B. Clearly signalled the cost of borrowing would rise in september, but this month of wild swings in the central bank pumping extra money into the banking system has all changed the picture. A korean court has extended a jail sentence for the boss of hyundai motorS. A court upheld his fraud conviction but spared him three years in prison and ordered him to undertake community service. He's allowed to continue running the company. We talked to bbc's john sudworth and asked why the judge came to this decision. 46DFFC57.JPG

>> It seems a remarkable state of affairs. You have to remember the portion of hyundai to the korean economy. It's responsible for about 7% of south korean exports. In his judgment today, the high court judge said hing a needs over this decision, and he had been asking the man on the street for his opinion while trying to formulate the judgment. He said he spoke to taxi drivers and restaurateurs before coming to the decision.

>> That's iT. We'll have more business for you in 20 minutes' timE.

>> Jamie, look forward to thaT. Thanks very much indeeD. Stay with us here on bbc world. Plenty more still to come, including... he looks the part and has even played the parT. Hollywood actor fred thompson wants to be the next president for the republicans. A rare double hurricane has lashed coastal central america as this year's atlantic storm season continues to prove deadly. 38 people have been killeD. Around 100 are still missing in nicaragua after hurricane phoenix hit. Thousands of people have been affected, especially on the boarder with honduras. The second hurricane hit mexico before being downgraded to a tropical storm. 46DFFCA0.JPG

>> They knew it was coming but there was little they could do. Hurricane hurrican felix arrived in nicaragua and destroyed thousands of flimsy homes on the central american country's low-lying cribien coast -- cribien coast -- caribbean coast. This two weeks after hurricane dean devastated the regioN. With scores still missing the death toll could rise considerably. Some like this fisherman had little warning.

>> We were on a boat. We had tide the sales and when the hurricane hit us, the sails snapped and twisted around. Our boat turned oveR. There were five more on board. The other four died and i was the only survivoR.

>> As the injured of all ages fill the emergency centres, at least five countries in central america were on alert for floods, but felix finally dissipated. As much as 64 sent metres and 25 inches of rain was predicted in some remote areas. Eight hours after felix hit land, the eye of another hurricane struck mexico, the first time two atlantic and pacific hurricanes have rea same day. It's te it's hit mexico in two dayS. It's now been downgraded to a tropical storm, but itll punch. It was a race against time to secure homes and possessions before night and the winds returned once more. Russell trot, bbc news. 46DFFD05.JPG

>> This is bbc world. The main news for you: The world famous tenor Luciano Pavarotti has died. He was 71 and he'd been ill for some time with pancreatic cancer. President bush has met his chinese counterpart hu jintao in the australian city of sydneY. Let's get some more now on the death of Luciano Pavarotti because the soprano susanna clark study opera with Pavarotti's teacher and met the singer several times. She's if middlesborough in northern ung and join us now. Can I ask you first of all, what do you feel the world has lost in the passing of Luciano Pavarotti?

>> Well, you had a person who could link opera with the masses. That was unusual. Opera had gone through a period of being very elitist and only for a certain audience. All of a sudden you had somebody there who loved football himself but found that link between football and opera and was able to get to the man and woman on the street, people who would never ever think of listening to opera really loved to hear nessun dorma. 46DFFD4A.JPG

>> And for the oaficionados, he had something special and oodles of charisma to go with it.

>> He was famous in the opera world before he became world famous for the link with football. Really in the opera world he was very much appreciated because he had the power of voice. He had an amazing technique, but he could also sing very, very quietly the top notes, which is actually more difficult than singing powerfully. So he could get that delicacy and beauty of voice out. And he could really affect the whole of the audience, and almost get to every single person in the audience and get that passion of opera across to them.

>> Is it going to be for you in your career one of your regrets that he was perhaps half a generation ahead of you? 46DFFD79.JPG

>> Exactly. I met him, i studied with his teacher, but i was very young at that point in timE. I hadn'T... i eventually went on the sing at la scala, milan, places like that, but it was too early to sing with Pavarotti. He preferred to sing with established singers. The one thing I appreciate is that he didn't embrace the dumbing down in the business, and he sang with people like las if frani in modena. They were together, two of the greatest singers singing together. He kept to those standards. I think that's why he's now a global name and he will be remember erpd as a legend in the opera field because he kept to those standards, very high standardS.

>> Okay, susanna, thanks very much indeed for joining us in our tribute to Pavarotti. 

>> Thank you. 

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