The Secret of Katie:  Katie carrying a bunch of her secret stuffs to her car around high noon of on May 16, 2009.

Katie filling her energy at the cateferial on May 14 for tomorrow's big day.

Graduation was over. As another bright morning came, time to pack and say Goodbye to Alywood Housing.

Everyone gathered together to say Goodbye to Alyssa.

As Alyssa whispered to Katie, "We will meet in Wonderland," it made Katie so happy.

The historical moment of Alyssa's car leaving Pasadena to go to Wonderland.

After Alyssa left the campus, her classmates shared ideas for their trip to Wonderland.

The secret of Katie.

The secret of Sarah.

The historical moment of Valerie saying farewell to the campus of William Carey International University.

Daniel Schiel going to his car to drive to Wonderland.

The historical moment of Katie leaving her room in the Alywood Housing for good on May 16, 2009.

If you want to find a hint to the real secret of Katie, See Daniel's Facebook album at

So, all of the Insight classmates went to Wonderland for a special musical performance, and the video
below is about how they did it.